Data Lifecycles

Libraries promote themselves to users as havens from data collection and analysis. However, user data is everywhere and with it comes a multitude of opportunities for it to be compromised. It is overwhelming to consider all the different types of systems, policies, and procedures relating to user data. This often prevents libraries from addressing data privacy risks.

You can mitigate that overwhelming feeling by understanding the data lifecycles in your library.
Seeing how user data travels through the library will empower you to create policies and procedures that put user privacy first.

Data, Privacy, and the Library

Understanding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

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Library User Data Lifecycle

See how all aspects of user data are broken down.

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How and why user data is collected.

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Physical and electronic storage at the library, in the cloud, or with a vendor.

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Physical and electronic access to user data have their own unique privacy concerns to consider.

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The importance of being aware and cautious of what and how user data is shared.

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Policies and other considerations for retaining user data.

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Once a data point is collected it is very hard to delete it from existence.

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