Malware = Malicious Software

Malicious software is software designed to do damage or other unwanted actions to your computer or smartphone. Usually this type of software is installed on your computer when you download attachments in emails or click on unknown links or ads. It can also be installed when someone puts an external flash drive into your machine. If you open an email and don’t know what the attachment is, don’t download it!

View the EFF Malware Guide



Activities to secure the library workplace

  • Check if your computers have antivirus software installed. Do the computers for users have the same protections as staff computers?
  • Check to see if your mobile devices are updated to the latest version of the operating system (OS). 
  • Create a schedule to regularly update OS and software when updates are released since malware can exploit security holes. This includes computers and all mobile devices!
  • Does your library allow the use of external flash drives? Create procedures that do not allow staff to put external flash drives from users into staff terminals.

Quick Tip

Check to see if your work or personal email has been compromised by going to