Staff and User Training

Once you understand the basics, it’s time to share that knowledge in your library! When thinking about staff training, consider:

  • How to get staff buy-in. Explain why privacy is important and vital to library operations.
  • The technical skills of your staff; start out with the basics. This guide is meant to support all staff, including those who are less tech savvy.
  • Ways to measure improvements after training and ways to keep the conversation going.

Even a short staff development session with the topics above will make the library, the staff, and your users safer. Use the lessons and activities from this guide to host a staff or user training session. You can also use library privacy and security training materials that are available online.

Staff training resources from NYC Digital Safety

Privacy and Security, Data Privacy Project, and the Library Freedom Institute

Programming for students at academic libraries

User programming for public libraries

Lesson plans for students at K-12 libraries