Library Privacy Advocacy

Maybe talking with others about privacy concerns has you feeling like you would like to do more at your library, or even be part of a broader set of advocacy work on privacy-related issues. Below are ways to be a library privacy advocate:

  • Talk about privacy. This goes a long way in normalizing privacy as something to think about and discuss.
  • Say something when you see something.
  • Push back against non-privacy conventions.
  • Build and use the collective voice. Find like-minded people or organizations where you can find others in support of privacy values.
  • Educate and teach others. This could even be sharing an article with co-workers.
  • Point people to advocacy work already being done.



Imagine you get pushback during your privacy conversations. Build a persuasive argument.


Looking for way a to work with other who are advocates in the library field? Here’s a few to check out: ALA’s Privacy Subcommittee, Library Freedom Project, American Library Association’s Office of Intellectual Freedom, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Digital Library Federation’s Privacy and Ethics in Technology.