What is a Privacy Policy

Privacy policies tell library users what data is collected about them, their data rights, and how that data is used, shared, stored, and deleted. These policies also give users information about third parties that have access to their personal information and direct users to vendor privacy policies. Well-written privacy policies give users clarity on how the library and its vendors handle their personal information and inform them about the laws that govern its use and disclosure. 


Not the decision maker or policy writer at your library? No worries! Use this guide to ask questions about vendor privacy policies and to advocate for your library to write its own policy. The “How to Talk About Privacy” Field Guide can help you have conversations with the stakeholders responsible for making changes. 

Some school library workers may be unable to persuade decision makers to create and have the school board approve a privacy policy. Use this field guide to create an informal set of privacy guidelines and procedures that take into account state and federal laws as well as the Library Bill of Rights and Code of Ethics.